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The Secure Internet Commerce Network Inc. (SicommNet) team is comprised of public sector procurement/supply chain professionals and information technology trailblazers who developed and implemented online eProcurement systems for electronically automating and managing governmental agency procurement.

As an eProcurement industry leader, the SicommNet can assist your organization and provide the tools to meet the increasing procurement demands of public agencies by ensuring efficiency and spend management through automating, consolidating, and potentially streamlining procurement information and processes.

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What We Do

SicommNet offers an array of eProcurements Services to help you streamline the way you do procurement.


SicommNet will assist with identifying business procurement processes so organizations can become more efficient and streamline workflows. SicommNet has a comprehensive understanding of governmental purchasing associated with public sector business ensuring the organization’s use of best eProcurement practices and continuous improvement.

Benefits include reduced cost and paperwork; open and transparent spending; increased productivity and transaction speed.

The SicommNet implementation team will work with the System Administrators and decision makers to document the current business and workflow processes. This will ensure that the client will incorporate best eProcurement practices. System Configuration and testing will be conducted by the Implementation Team Systems Administrator.

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Testing is a critical part of the application development process as it assures that the products being developed match business requirements. Tests help evaluate the end-to-end system specifications. SicommNet assists organizations in developing test plans and scripts prior to testing. These tests include, but are not limited to:

  • Unit Tests: Testing includes testing applications, views, or screens and ensuring expected performance results.
  • Integration Tests: Ensuring the interaction of how components work together to reveal any deficiencies in the integrated modules and assure that the integration has been performed successfully.
  • System Test: Testing of the end-to-end products to validate the software performance.
  • User Acceptance Test: The last phase in testing. End users are responsible for this phase of testing to validate that the software works as intended and acceptable for operational use.
Software testing reduces cost, inspires client confidence, and increases customer satisfaction while promoting productivity and efficiency.

SicommNet’s technical resources have extensive interface and integration experience and the ability to further automate processes. This is achieved by implementing real-time integrations with various organizational systems, to include ERP.

SicommNet provides advice to an organization in how to best define and document interface points, gather specifications and field requirements. Access to test systems for development and implementation activities will be requested for the script writing of test case scenarios for each interface/integration point.

Let the SicommNet team assist Microsoft Office365 organizations with procurement tasks. Let's bring together your vision with our Experience. Sicomm is always ready to help you with the following:

  • Organization of procurement documents in SharePoint
  • Assist in Setting up various Teams and Channels within the Teams Platform
  • The utilization of Teams Messaging to communicate with Vendor and those outside of the organization
  • Extensive knowledge in Office 365 and programs within
  • Video Conferencing

SicommNet views eProcurement as a true partnership between the agency and vendors. SicommNet can assist your team invest in outreach, vendor training, and full support of your vendors in all of your organizations goals.

SicommNet can assist states, municipalities and political subdivisions in their initiative to Buy Local. We utilize our lookup tool to allow for a quick and easy way to search for local and diversity businesses by location. We can assist you in locating vendors by State, County, Diversity Information or a simple NIGP or Key word search.

The organizational use of pCards is a beneficial means to simplify the payment process and improve procurement process efficiencies.

pCards streamline payment processes, allow for quicker procurement of goods and services, increases the ability to track spend, delivers opportunities for supplier discounts, and provides the benefit of potential revenue share rebating back to an organization.