SicommNet is an eProcurement company that sells an internet-based application service. We are expanding our services to provide eProcurement assistance with organizing, publishing and awarding solicitations.

eProcurement Services and Benefits: The SicommNet team will procure materials, supplies, equipment, and services, achieving the best value for the client, balancing the quality of goods and services against their costs. This maintains an open and competitive procurement environment which allows for accountability and transparency in all our dealings.

SicommNet focuses on specific demographics which helps to ensure equal opportunities for all, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, physical or mental disability, or sexual orientation. The practices above allow SicommNet to strive for continuous improvement in our procurement practices.

SicommNet will perform the following types of assistance:

1. eProcurement Services: Let the SicommNet team do the work for you. The SicommNet team will assist your staff in completing solicitations, sourcing vendors and using using our eProcurement system to solicit bids using the following systems:

  • BASEC: The SicommNet Bid and response system covers a broad range of electronic purchasing needs. The system will drive the process from Requisition/ Solicitation through the delivery of the electronic purchase order.
  • iCatalog: The iCatalog system allows for the ability to view and buy items on negotiated contracts and open market catalogs, thus saving time and money on repetitive buying.
  • Buy Amazon: SicommNet has interfaced with Amazon to allow for next level convenience in online ordering. The system will provide a fast, secure, accurate, and easy -to- use Internet-based procurement. This service supports online purchasing systems, which are common in business-to-business environments.

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2. Professional Services: SicommNet is committed to helping your organization, with a proven track record in contract negotiation and compliance, technical support, software implementations, and training and development. SicommNet offers the following Professional Services:

  • eProcurement Expertise
  • Implementation Help
  • Testing
  • Interfaces
  • Office 365, Remote Team Management for eProcurement Document and Systems (Conferencing & Chat)
  • Vendor Sourcing and Outreach Assistance
  • pCard Program Support

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